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How it Works

Ecofund is a “peer-to-peer” funding web platform which offers the opportunity to preserve our ecosystem in a simple, transparent and concrete manner.

Under “Browse ecoprojects” You (peer) can choose the ecoproject(s) you like. Each ecoproject is initiated and managed by a local project owner, whom we call Champion (peer). You can get in touch with the Champion (peer-to-peer) to gather further information or simply post a comment.

Once you’ve chosen your ecoproject(s), register by acknowledging ecofund’s terms & conditions and make your donation(s) online to Ecofund.

Few key points: > There is no limit to the amount you’d like to donate, but in order to keep transaction costs low, minimum amounts starts at 5 €. Bigger donations lower transaction costs thus increasing the benefit to the ecoproject

> You should know that up to 15 % of your donation will be used to cover financial transaction costs such as bank transfer and PayPal. Read the hereto related FAQ.

> We aggregate all donations until ecoproject’s budget is fully funded. Each ecoproject needs to collect 100 % of the target amount within its deadline before receiving your donation and being implemented.

> We want all Champions to succeed with their ecoprojects. Thus, we will give each project enough time to raise the requested funds. A deadline, i.e. time for publication and fund raising on Ecofund’s web platform is set for each project individually. However, this deadline may be prolonged by Ecofund based on a successful evaluation against criteria such as remaining funding gap, donor interest and project feasibility.

> Donations to any ecoproject which doesn’t earn 100 % of the target amount by its final deadline will be distributed equally to all remaining ecoprojects still waiting for deadlines.

Fuss-free Good Deed in 3 Steps

> Step 1: Make your Green Choice!
Under "Browse Ecoprojects" click on "Ecoprojects to fund" to see the list of available projects. For more information click "Read more...".

> Step 2: Decide how much to donate
Once you've chosen your project, decide how much you wish to donate by entering it directly into the Donate column or using the + or - buttons.

> Step 3: Validate via a Security Payment
Enter your data following the instructions. If you have already a PayPal account, please log in. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need a credit/debit card to make your donation. Follow the PayPal instructions.