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Project update2012-12-30

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During the week of 5th to 14th November 2012, a mission was undertaken to give out certificates to the children who participated in the summer camp as proof of their participation in the photojournalism training. At this occasion, each child was asked to cite three things that impressed him/her during the camp.

Children from the village of Mamghar:

Sovi 11 years old
1.    meeting other children, living in the PNBA, for the first time,
2.    sailing and discovering the Island of Nair, and
3.    learning to observe birds.

Bah 12 years old
1.    learning how to use a camera,
2.    discovering new bird species and learning their names during bird-observation activities, and also
3.    learning how to use binoculars.

Children from the village of R'Gueiba:

Sultana 10 years old
1.    hearing the story on shell piles was highly impressive,
2.    learning new things hitherto unknown,
3.    appreciating the surfing outings.

Cheinouna 13 years old
1.    visiting the Chami Interpretation Centre,
2.    being welcomed by Soukeina the owner of the tourist centre where we stayed, and
3.    visiting the Island of Nair.

Children from the village of Teichott:

Aminetou 14 years old
1.    meeting other children living in the PNBA like me. I know now that I can find friends if I decide to, one day, go to Mamghar, Rgueiba or Iwik,
2.    learning how to use binoculars to observe birds,
3.    learning how to take photos and now, how to use a camera.

Beibani 12 years old   
1.    meeting other children,
2.    discovering the Chami Interpretation Centre,
3.    learning about many bird species that I didn’t know before.

Enjoy the images taken by the children which showcase their own “view” on the Park’s biodiversity