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Young Eco-Citizens Competition

Veröffentlicht am 17.03.2015 von Team - Ansicht die Kommentare

The Dakar Women’s Group Environmental Awareness Committee has the pleasure to announce its Young Eco-Citizens Competition.

A clean, protected and sustainable environment is central to children's rights and especially for health.

To ensure that our communities are kept clean, the government and all citizens have a part to play. 

In the Young Eco-Citizens Competition, children and young people will demonstrate their creativity and commitment to keeping their neighborhood clean, protected and sustainable.

Working individually or in a group, children 6-18 years old design their own community service or environmental awareness initiative to keep their neighborhood clean of solid waste.

There are two award categories.  

1. Best Community Service Project

These are community service projects to help to keep neighborhoods or schools clean.

Examples of projects could be organizing a neighborhood clean up, building a community garden, building trash cans, organizing weekly trash pick ups, organising re-use and re-cycling systems, and so on.

2. Best Environmental Awareness & Education Materials

These projects will develop a creative way to promote environmental awareness and informaton in the community or school.

Examples of projects could be: designing a poster, writing and singing a song, creating a video, writing and illustrating a book or creating an inspirational work of art.


The competition is designed for children 6-18 years old. Participants are not required to be in school but they cannot be in university. Projects can be organized by individuals or groups such as a class or even an entire school.

Projects will be judged based on age group in order to create a fair competition. Projects will be expected to be more sophisticated and organized as age increases.

Judging Criteria. The projects will be judged on:

1) Mobilization (Community & Group Involvement)

2) Sustainability

3) Creativity

4) Impact

5) Use of Resources


Projects must be submitted by the end of the day on Sunday April 5, 2015. There are several ways to submit your application.

The application form can be filled out through an online form:  http://goo.gl/forms/oV8ezGxb1M  Documentation will be sent via email.

The application form and documentation can also be emailed to dwg.eco.citoyens@gmail.com

The application form and documentation can also be dropped off at the Direction de Parc Forestier et Zoologique de Hann at the office of Madame Ndiaye, Responsable des Affaires Culturelles et Chargée de la Communication. 

If these options are not suitable, applicants may call 786353925 to arrange a specific drop off location

Each submission will be required to write a project description and provide documentation that their project has already been implemented or is ongoing.

Finalists will be contacted and invited to run a stand at the Eco-Citizen Festival. These finalists will be asked to expose their work through a stand, performance or art exposition.


Each winner will receive a certificate. Prizes for the winners could include visits to environment and sustainable development organizations, amusement parks, internships, books, posters, T-shirts, scholarship grants and all sorts of good things.