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Augustin's School of Nature

Veröffentlicht am 09.06.2012 - Ansicht die Kommentare

The Project ''School for Nature'' was initiated by our Champion Augustin. His goal is to mobilize the youth of his home region, Casamance, in the South of Senegal, so they can protect their beautiful subtropical nature. Every week, a sensitization and cleaning campaign is conducted in a village. Last Saturday, the “School for Nature” project was hosted simultaneously in 3 villages: Siganar, Karounate, and Niambalang (Southwest Ziguinchor).

First, the cleaning equipment has been exhibited in the courtyard of the College of Siganar: wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes and brooms. Then, after listening to a few explanations, the students spread out to collect plastic and clean their village.

The school principal says it is the first time that he sees this kind of campaign in the school: “An environmental education has never been taught so far in this college. We should continue, and also encourage students to plant trees and create a vegetable garden in the school”.
Student of the Siganar School, Rosalie Francis Diatta suggested including parents into the campaign, e.g. advising them not to throw any plastic waste in the nature.

“If we do not collect the plastic waste, it will be there for several hundred years. Plastic waste is toxic and dangerous to human health, the environment and the wildlife'' warns our champion, Augustine Diatta.
Although the “School for Nature” project has so far produced positive results, eliminating plastic waste remains a huge challenge. “We do not have a recycling plant for plastic waste in Casamance. We've got tons of plastic waste, but we do not know what to do with it''.