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Ecofund at the World Parks Congress 2014 in Australia!

Veröffentlicht am 08.11.2014 von Team - Ansicht die Kommentare

We have very good News ! Ecofund has been invited by FIBA to attend the World Parks Congress (WPC) held in November in Australia organised every 10 years by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

We are speaker in the category “Inspiring a new generation” and shall perform together with Fabrice Monteiro, the art photographer, “The Prophecy” project at the WPC with an Australian ecological topic.

On Thursday 11th November we will present in the Ocean+ Pavilion to the WPC participants “The Prophecy” project as an example from West Africa, Senegal, on how art can be in the service of ecology.

This original advocacy combines in a consistent manner scientific work, art photography, and the collective potential offered by web based social networks and crowdfunding.

As Flyer-Photo for our presentation at the Ocean+ Pavilion, we have chosen the 3rd Prophecy Photo taken at the Bay de Hann in Dakar, once one of the most beautiful beaches in West Africa and today one of the most polluted bays worldwide!

The making of each photo is a participatory and didactic process: each theme is introduced on the Ecofund’s multi-media web platform to the community and general public. Everyone can participate by liking the project, commenting on it or financing the production costs through bidding for THE PROPHECY photo.

As you know, we want to raise awareness concerning environmental problems of cities like Dakar and propose solutions, in order to inspire the young generation for action.

Watch the making-of film of 6 Prophecy Photos below.

During our presentation at the WPC we will reveal to the 2.000 Congress participants the Australian PROPHECY photograph concerning a local environmental priority.

As the “Australian” topic for our “The Prophecy” photo series, we have selected the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). We will produce a Prophecy photo of the GBR and edit a photo-legend, which will present the reef, the causes of its degradation and the solutions hereto. See below first images from the making of the Australian “The Prophecy” photo by Fabrice on the heron island (Heron Bommie) showing one of the causes of the mortality of the GBR ...

Together, the Australian “The Prophecy” photo and its legend will constitute a plea for the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and will be exhibited at the WPC.

THE PROPHECY is more than an artistic project; it is an original advocacy for environmental protection in Senegal, in Australia and elsewhere on our planet.

Furthermore, on November 15th, 3:30 pm to 5 pm at the WPC, Ecofund will participate in the debate on Crowdfunding for Conservation Finance: Reaching out to the general public. We will present our 3 years’ Crowdfunding experience of identifying, highlighting and boosting positive actions by connecting supporters with Green Champions and their concrete projects.

Stay tuned to www.ecofund.org for more fresh news from Australia to come !