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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This FAQ is dedicated for questions related to Champions who want to submit a project. If you have queries on how to donate, click on FAQ under "Browse Ecoprojects".

  • › What is Ecofund?

    Ecofund is a nonprofit association based in Germany.

    Ecofund offers the opportunity to preserve our ecosystems in a simple, transparent and concrete manner.

    Our focus is ecology, the protection, regeneration and sustainable management of our eco-system.

    Ecofund is demand driven.

    Ecofund is not about aid, it’s about your investment in our future ecosystem.

  • › How is Ecofund different from other initiatives?

    Ecofund is NOT a peer-to-peer funding web platform.

    All projects has have been thoroughly evaluated by Ecofund and will be co-implemented by our local project partners and by Ecofund’s team which combines both extensive grass roots experience in the project countries and professional expertise in project design, management and evaluation.

    Moreover, projects are backed by a recognized local organization or individual with professional knowhow and track record of management of ecoprojects.

  • › How do I register with Ecofund?

    Registering with Ecofund is free and easy. Just click “Register” on the bottom of the web site, then:
    - fill in your first and your last name,
    - fill in your email address,
    - tick the icon that you accept Ecofund’s terms & conditions
    - tick the icon, if you want to receive Ecofund’s news on project updates
    - tick the “Register now” button ant that’s it.

    We will send you an email to ensure that it’s you who entered the email address. All you need is to accept the email by clicking on the link.

    Once registered, you will receive Ecofund’s news and have access to comment on Ecoblog posts.

  • › How do you select the ecoprojects ?

    Projects are identified and evaluated by Ecofund’s team against our selection criteria, see Guidelines. Selected projects, called ecoprojects, are then published on our web platform.

  • › What does “deadline” mean?

    For the benefit of our ecosystems, we want all our ecoprojects to succeed. Thus, we will give each project enough time to raise the requested funds.

    However, we do not want an ecoproject to collect funds for years. Therefore, for each project individually we fix a deadline, i.e. maximum time for publication and fund raising on Ecofund’s web site. Ecoproject deadlines may be prolonged by Ecofund.

  • › How does it work if I have a project?

    Follow the Guidelines! You first need to register as a Champion by acknowledging Ecofund’s terms & conditions. Then download the Word file, fill in and email us your project funding request.

    If your project fulfils Ecofund’s evaluation criteria, we will revert to you with our proposal on project financing and implementation.

  • › What are ecoproject transaction costs?

    Ecoproject target amount - as featured on the Website – includes the costs of all items and actions needed to successfully implement the ecoproject.

    Furthermore, they include transaction costs related directly to the Ecoproject such as, but not limited to, communication, online payment fees and bank transfer costs.

    Consequently, you agree that up to 15% of your donated funds serve to cover Ecoproject’s transaction costs as described above.

  • › How does Ecofund finance its management and development costs?

    Ecofund’s management and development costs include costs of maintenance and further development of Ecofund’s web platform. Furthermore, they also include costs for external services and costs for communication and administration.

    Ecofund’s management and development costs are met by the benevolent work of the Ecofund team, financial contribution of associates, voluntary donations, and sponsors.

    We would therefore appreciate your donations to Ecofund !

  • › How can I contribute to the Ecoblog?

    We invite you to contribute to our Ecoblog by registering with Ecofund and sending us your comment or article by email. We hope that you understand that we reserve the rights to select articles and comments posted.

  • › Are my personal data on Ecofund confident and secure?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ecofund Jargon

Champion : the local person or association who owns the project, i.e. the one who initiated and will implement it together with Ecofund. Determined, dynamic, and entrepreneur, for us they are true champions!

Ecoproject : a thoroughly researched and selected project which will produce a positive impact on our ecosystem. Ecoprojects are classified in categories.

Ecopartner : an organization or individual(s) who are backing the ecoproject. They monitor the project for Ecofund and build a partnership with the champion. Ecopartners are recognized for their professional knowhow and track record of management of ecoprojects.