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Funded Ecoprojects

Sustainable management : Water is our source of life; help the people of Tizi n'Oucheg in Morocco to protect their source of life in the High Atlas Mountains!

17765 €

of 15000 €
financed on the 15.05.2020

Sustainable management : Help Augustin to reinforce the protection of the 32 hectares Ecoparc forest by financing the set-up of the English version of 32 panels about the forest’s fauna and flora alongside the 2 ecological trails!

2000 €

of 2000 €

Regeneration : An adage says that: "During one's lifetime, one must have built a house, founded a family and planted a tree." Today, one must start with tree planting for building our children's green future. So, plant your tree with the inhabitants of Tizi n'Oucheg!

4074 €

of 4000 €

Sustainable management : Enter a virtual world to save the real world. This mini-game creates awareness in children about pollution, but above all about waste management through recycling. It gives them the choice to be ready to respond to everyday life.

1 €

of 1 €

Protection : We we only protect what we value: that goes as much for the forest of Casamance as the Atlantic Ocean. This is why Ecofund and its partners invite you to a new adventure with three students future professionals in protecting the oceans

1700 €

of 1700 €
financed on the 31.01.2016

Sustainable management : Help Augustin to develop Casamance Ecoparc by financing the set-up of a professional ecological path, and so to better enjoy the visit and learn about the flora and fauna of the Ecoparc!

68197 €

of 67000 €
financed on the 31.12.2015

Sustainable management : A meeting place of those who want to but cannot and those who can and do not. Get involved!

285 €

of 250 €
financed on the 01.01.2015

Sustainable management : Join Fabrice and Ecofund in an innovative advocacy campaign for environmental protection in Senegal, in Australia and around the world!

12557 €

of 10000 €
financed on the 01.05.2014

Sustainable management : There is no better way to learn than through play. Join SOPTOM and its Champion Melle Awa Sylla in launching a “Turtle Game” for children and parents in the Ferlo region. Contribute to strengthen the protectors of the Sulcata turtles in Senegal

1020 €

of 1020 €
financed on the 11.01.2014

Protection : Join Ahmed in preserving the nests of the spoonbills of the island of Nair in Mauritania! This subspecies exists nowhere other than Banc d'Arguin and its survival is threatened!

1500 €

of 1500 €
financed on the 15.10.2013

Sustainable management : Help us, kids from Ranérou village, to maintain the biodiversity! Together, let us protect it and act in such a way that the Sahelian people will know about it, like and preserve it.

1187 €

of 1150 €
financed on the 15.10.2013

Regeneration : Help Lamine to maintain the Sahel’s biodiversity. The Sahel is amongst the most-threatened habitats and its biodiversity, as rich and fragile as it is, needs to be studied and protected. Contribute in safeguarding the furrowed turtle in Senegal

1903 €

of 1900 €
financed on the 15.05.2013

Sustainable management : The Ferlo children will learn through games about the ecosystems of their region. Join Mr Sagna and the turtle village in organizing this competition for our young nature geniuses!

1480 €

of 1400 €
financed on the 15.05.2013

Regeneration : Help our champion, Badou Kane, and Oceanium to recover lost nylon nets from the ocean next to the fishers’ community of Mbour. The nylon fishing nets are a catastrophe to the marine ecosystem.

1977 €

of 1200 €
financed on the 15.04.2013

Protection : With our champions, Tommy & Jose, help protect the Cape Verde shearwater and the Razo lark, a species impossible to find anywhere else!

750 €

of 750 €
financed on the 15.04.2013

Protection : They are unique beauties from Cape Verde, but they are globally endangered. With our champions Tommy & José, help protect sea turtles!

750 €

of 750 €
financed on the 30.09.2012

Sustainable management : Join the Imraguen children of the the National Park of Banc d’Arguin in discovering and sharing their natural and cultural heritage. Contribute to strengthen the future guardians of the Park’s rich ecosystems!

500 €

of 500 €
financed on the 31.03.2012

Sustainable management : Help Sidi contribute to protecting a natural world heritage site of over 2 million migratory birds in Mauritania. Make sure that after a cold and grey winter, we in Europe can still hear the songs of birds once spring has returned!

1575 €

of 1575 €
financed on the 01.10.2011

Protection : With Augustin, preserve an endemic forest of 32 hectares in Casamance, a beautiful seaside region in South Senegal. Save one of our planet’s green lungs!

22500 €

of 22500 €