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Professor Jens Müller


A lecturer on Interactive media, Professor Müller "advocates" for an applied reflection on opportunities offered by animation and information films, particularly in intercultural dialogue. He uses the opportunity offered through the collaboration with Ecofund to help students to experiment and put into practice the knowledge acquired and this to the benefit of a "good cause" before they become experts in communication and media.

The "Eco Champion" game is his fourth collaboration with Ecofund.

Karine Benabadji


The plantings will be coordinated, and the results monitored by the Open Village organization, particularly Karine, who will support the ATND in project monitoring.

Open Village is a private non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote autonomous, ecological and collective community development.

Professor Malick Diouf

Malick Diouf is a professor-researcher and director of IUPA. Well-versed in applied research and a great believer in practical training, he knows how to provide know-how to local communities to help them to manage their natural resources.

For example, he worked for many years with villagers from Delta Saloum (in Niodor, Fadiouth, Dionewar, Falia, Joal etc.) on shellfish management.

Passionate about applied research using traditional knowledge, he strives to enable students to test and put into practice their acquired knowledge. For him 'managing underwater eco-systems cannot be learnt only from books and in the classroom… it has to be experienced!



Haïder El Ali is one of the most prominent ecological figures in West Africa. Driven by his firm conviction and willingness, he devotes every day to preserve the ecosystem of his country. He leads the Oceanium Association in Senegal, and travels to every corner of West Africa in order to convince everyone through discussion, organizing or action to preserve the sea and its resources, as well as the rivers and the forests.

Prof. Adams Tidjani / UCAD


Prof. Adams Tidjani is the Head of the Master in Environment (HQSE) at the Science and Technology Faculty of the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal (UCAD)

He is the founder of the “Institut des Métiers de l’Environnement et de la Métrologie” - IMEM in Dakar Senegal. He is also the founder of the Senegalese environmental magazine “VIE” and its Managing Editor.

Professor Tidjani hosts the “Green Talks” at IMEM.

Association des Amis du Banc d’Arguin (AABA)

Association des Amis du Banc d’Arguin (AABA) was formed in 2011 to represent the wish of resident populations to contribute actively to the preservation of their protected marine reserve. The AABA brings together all Imraguens resident in the PNBA, of which a group of eco-guides who were trained for nineteen (19) months by the PNBA, Wetlands International and the International Foundation for the Banc d'Arguin (FIBA). Sidi Ould Ely, the champion of the Birds’ observatory project in Iwik is the president of the AABA. The association‘s mission is to contribute to the harmonious development of resident populations in the Park. Its main objectives are to support the preservation of cultural heritage and local knowledge, to promote environmental education, to participate in ecosystem conservation and in the protection of animal and plant species. Many members of the association are bird lovers and have perfect knowledge of the Imraguen territory and culture. The AABA is coorganizing the summer camp. In particular the eco-guides will assist the children in the discovery of the PNBA landscapes. We pay special attention to children's education. The status of the association provides for the promotion of young members. The association counts, till date, about fifty (50) "young members".

Parc National du Banc d'Arguin

Sidi Cheikh is the Geomatician of the National Park Banc d’Arguin. He travels often to the Park to familiarize himself with and map its expanse. “The installation of the bird observatories is important in order to define littoral and maritime reserves and sanctuaries, which are fundamental for the protection of the Banc d’Arguin's biodiversity. The observatories will also serve as important reference points for Park rangers”. Sidi Cheikh

Parc National du Banc d'Arguin

Yelli Diawara is ornithologist in the PNBA. In this capacity, as well as being the President of “Nature Mauritania”, he has supported this initiative from the beginning. «To resist climatic changes is possible! The maintenance of the island of Nair is important for protecting the biodiversity of the PNBA. Different kinds of Afro-tropical species nest on the island which is also sought in winter by the European Spoonbills. If the island disappears, these latter will no longer be able to join their African cousins ». Yasmina Messaci is project manager at the International Foundation for the Banc d’Arguin (la FIBA). She is also an active member of the Association of Friends of the Banc d’Arguin (AABA). “Saving the Naïr Island from erosion et from the flooding by the sea is one of the main objectives of the AABA in collaboration with FIBA, the PNBA and the Mauritanian Association “Nature Mauritanie”. We put all our efforts to preserve that island and so to preserve a reproduction site of Spoonbill of the Banc d’Arguin.


Julien Sémelin and Simon Mériaux work at FIBA for projects dedicated to protecting the West African coast. Their activities put them in contact with local people, providing technical and financial support as well as field training. Thus, Julien and Simon contribute to the creation and management of Marine Protected Areas, for the benefit of local populations who depend on marine and coastal resources.

SOPTOM et SOS Sulcata

The SOPTOM and SOS Sulcata are the ecopartners of this project. SOS Sulcata is a non-profit Senegalese association that manages the turtles village of Noflaye (Centre in charge of awareness-promotion and scientific breeding) near Dakar which is the only association in the country that is dedicated to the exclusive protection of turtles in Senegal. The SOPTOM (Centre for the Observation and Protection of Turtles and their Habitats) is a French association versed in the knowledge on turtles worldwide and in their protection. The SOPTOM funds, right from the beginning, field studies and in collaboration with the “Parcs Nationaux des Eaux et Forêts du Sénégal, the National Parks Department in charge of water and forests management in Senegal and the Senegalese association, SOS Sulcata, the implementaion of the conservation program on the furrowed turtle in the Ferlo.




The Swiss Foundation FIBA was founded in 1986 by Dr Luc Hoffmann and several international organizations dedicated to environmental research and conservation. For 25 years, it has supported the Banc d'Arguin National Park (PNBA), which is today a management model for the ecoregion. It also supports many other Marine Protected Areas on the West African coast. FIBA has as partners in the field local and national organizations to which it provides financial support and technical expertise. Its main focus is using participatory approaches and joint management of natural resources. FIBA is also a member of IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature) and CFA (Conservation Finance Alliance).



The RAMPAO is a regional network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in West Africa.

Its role is to improve MPA management through research and knowledge development, training, dissemination of tools, facilitation of exchanges among our members, and the development of mechanisms to ensure financial sustainability.

RAMPAO and ECOFUND and have decided to unite their efforts in order to better contribute to the protection of biodiversity in West Africa.

Together we will work to promote projects and campaigns for the protection and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in West Africa.

Eiffage Senegal


As a ISO certified construction company and committed to mitigate the environmental risks of its activity, Eiffage Senegal joined Ecofund and APES (Association for the environmental protection in Senegal) in order to preserve a beautiful endemic littoral forest in the south of Senegal through the creation of an Ecoparc. The Ecoparc became the first protected community forest reserve on a private initiative in Senegal.

“Protecting environment means preserving our future!”

ONOMO Dakar Airport


The challenge of the ONOMO Hotels lies in a balance between contemporary lifestyle, local traditional heritage, the promotion of local products and the smallest possible environmental footprint while becoming a leader in a very competitive hotel industry on the African continent. ONOMO and Ecofund share values of professionalism, pragmatism, simplicity, sincerity and the spirit of community. Or partnership addresses the common challenge, which is the protection of our natural environment.

Hellio & Van Ingen


Jean-François Hellio et Nicolas Van Ingen are professional wildlife photographers who have been collaborating since 1983. Their goal is to photograph nature unobtrusively, respecting animals, landscapes and populations. They often work closely with environmental groups, NGOs and scientists, using high impact images to raise awareness in the fight to conserve and protect the environment. The outstanding nature photographs on Ecofund are taken by Hellio & Van Ingen.

Terre Vivante


Not your typical publishing house, “grassroots intellectuals”, Terre Vivante advocates for a practical, positive approach to the environment. For 30 years, their committed team has built Terre Vivante into a socially responsible economic entity. “The protection of the environment and the conservation of planetary resources not only depend on political decisions and technological innovations, but also our daily actions: in our homes, our gardens, what we buy and how we eat.” Terre Vivante makes these daily actions accessible to all. In collaboration with Terre Vivante on our Ecoblog we offer you monthly extracts from the book « Haidar El Ali, intinéraire d’un écologiste au Sénégal » Bernadette Gilbertas.

Mariana Ramos


The Dakar-born singer, Mariana Ramos, finds her inspiration in Cape Verde, home of her ancestors, where she also lived as a child. Her unique voice and her “suave” music draw its energy from the tradition of her “small country”. A mix between funana and batucu, rhythms inherited from the slaves of Santiago Island, and la morna and la coladeira, folk melodies, it is the joy, and the multicultural richness of Cape Verde that Mariana embodies on stages worldwide. Mariana, ambassador of the Cape Verde’s music, is our ambassador of ecoprojects in Cape Verde.



Governed by two keywords: needs and pleasure, the Actes Sud publications have been supporting and encouraging creativity, discovery and sharing since 1978. Literature, notably foreign, occupies a special place in their catalogue, but their offer also includes authors coming from very diverse fields of knowledge, particularly those connected to nature and environment. Thanks to the collaboration with Actes Sud, you can discover on our Ecoblog selection of extracts from the book "Mami Wata, the mother of waters. Nature and coastal communities of West Africa” by Pierre Campredon, with photographs by Jean-Francois Hellio and Nicolas Van Ingen.




Apps 4 Africa is a pan-African competition organized by the American Department of State with the goal of promoting local technology entrepreneurs as they build tools to serve the needs of the local community. This unprecedented partnership meshes civil society with developers and designers to create technical solutions to local environmental challenges. Ecofund won the Second Prize for West Africa in the APPS4AFRICA 2011 competition