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How it Works

Ecofund offers the opportunity to preserve our ecosystem in a simple, transparent and concrete manner.

Under “Browse ecoprojects” You can choose the ecoproject(s) you like. Each ecoproject has been thoroughly evaluated by Ecofund and will be implemented together with our local project partner, whom we call Champion.

Once you’ve chosen your ecoproject(s), register by acknowledging ecofund’s terms & conditions and make your donation(s) online to Ecofund.

Few key points:

> There is no limit to the amount you’d like to donate, but in order to keep transaction costs low, minimum amounts starts at 5 €. Bigger donations lower transaction costs thus increasing the benefit to the ecoproject

> You should know that up to 15 % of your donation will be used to cover financial transaction costs such as bank transfer and online payment service. Read the hereto related FAQ.

> We aggregate all donations until ecoproject’s budget is fully funded. Each ecoproject needs to collect 100 % of the target amount within its deadline before receiving your donation and being implemented.

> We want all our ecoprojects to succeed. Thus, we will give each project enough time to raise the requested funds. A deadline, i.e. time for publication and fund raising on Ecofund’s web site is set for each project individually. However, this deadline may be prolonged by Ecofund.

> When you donate funds to Ecofund for a specific ecoproject, we consider you support Ecofund’s work at the whole, and thus you approve and support all featured projects with a preference for a specific one. If your preferred project is canceled, Ecofund will use your donation for its other projects.

Fuss-free Good Deed in 3 Steps

> Step 1: Make your Green Choice!
Under "Browse Ecoprojects" click on "Ecoprojects to fund" to see the list of available projects. For more information click "Read more...".

> Step 2: Decide how much to donate
Once you've chosen your project, decide how much you wish to donate by entering it directly into the Donate column or using the + or - buttons.

> Step 3: Validate via a Security Payment
Enter your data following the instructions. If you have already a PayPal account, please log in. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need a credit/debit card to make your donation. Follow the instructions.