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Meet the Team

Above all, we would like to thank our contributors: Winnie du Jeu-Loh for the design of Ecofund’s web platform, Guillaume Blandin for developing the first web platform, Carlota Macieira-Coelho Thévenot for the advise on Marketing & Communication, Fanziska Röttger, Marianne Paulot, Matthias Gruner, Karima Grant, Aïda Weyerstahl et Birame Mbaye, our translation and reading team, Uwe Bothur for the invaluable executive advice, and our friends in Sénégal and Europe who encouraged us during the launching of Ecofund. We’re a passionate group of entrepreneurs, development promoters, and fans of nature, who want to leverage the already successful efforts of champions for a green future. We combine both extensive grass root experience in developing countries and professional expertise in project design, management and evaluation.

Management Team

Markus Faschina

Founder, Chairman

Markus Faschina, business engineer and nature fan, is the driving force behind Ecofund. Markus has extensive professional experience on development projects analysis and funding within international financial institutions and it is his intention to keep Ecofund pragmatic and effective. « During my travels, I was impressed by local people and their efforts to preserve our ecosystems. With Ecofund, our global platform, we all can contribute and boost the initiatives of these champions.” Markus is in charge of Ecofund’s strategy and overall management.

Sandrine Beauchamp

Co-founder, Communication

Specialized in development economics, Sandrine worked in development cooperation first in Cuba, then in Senegal, where she currently manages private sector promotional projects. “Ecofund, it’s a simple tool. Everyone can participate. Everyone can act. Already a small contribution can make a big positive impact on our ecosystem.” Sandrine is cofounder and in charge of Ecofund’s communication.

Marième Kane


Marième works for an international donor organization in Senegal. She is in charge of microfinance projects and projects dealing with improving the living conditions in Dakar’s shanty towns. Mother of 3 children, she wishes to preserve the nature for the future generations. For her, “Ecofund offers everyone the opportunity to support good green ideas”.

Guillaume Blandin

Guillaume is our web developer. A fan of water sports, but in particular, deep water fishing, Guillaume's passion for deep water fishing has sensitized him to the challenges related to the preservation of our maritime ecosystems. He believes Ecofund is a terrific example of how modern technology can contribute to the preservation of our natural environment. He brings his web development company's expertise to the Ecofund team. He has developed our web platform.


Henning Dencks


Henning has gathered a lot of experience while working as designer in Hamburg, New York and Berlin. Today he is running the Creative Lab for corporate communication situated in the German Black Forest, in Freiburg.

“If you don’t find me in the Creative-Lab, then I’m gone for jogging, mountain biking or just relaxing in the Black Forest. Its overwhelming nature inspires me. And with Ecofund I use my design inspiration to serve nature.”

Henning makes sure that our eco-messages reach out to you in a beautiful manner.

Assane Seck


Assane was a professional developer of Web and mobile applications. He developed and implemented many applications in Africa. He believed that "it would be amazing to gather people from diverse horizons around local and environmental issues".

Within Ecofund, Assane was in charge of IT development. You've gone too soon. RIP Assane

Charles Cordier

Co-founder, Ecoprojects
Charles has been active in the preservation of the environment for many years: member of an association for the protection of the environment in Senegal, diver, ornithologist and nature photographer, he is a cofounder of Ecofund.

Julien Cordier

Green Advisor
Julien Cordier, environmental engineer, based in France specializes in protection and management of ecosystems. He supervises environmental evaluation of multiple projects, the definition and the implementation of environmental policies and the management and preservation of faune and flore. For him “Ecofund is a tool to raise funds for locally initiated projects responding to the environmental challenges of today.”

We believe that climate change conferences and government laws are important, but we need more green local champions and they need our help to preserve our ecosystem.

We believe that everyone can be a champion, that small efforts can produce a broader positive effect on our ecosystem.

We believe that it is more efficient and sustainable to preserve our ecosystem through small locally motivated actions than, once the ecosystem is damaged, to restore it through very expensive tax payers funded programs.