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Birds of Casamance Ecoparc

Posted 22.04.2012 by Paul & Celine, Senegalwildlife - View comments

Grey-headed bristlebill was the second species we identified.

It immediately indicated the specialness of the Ecoparc. Although it is not rare, it is entirely confined to the central and West African forest and so, in Senegal and The Gambia, to the few fragments of forest in the south-west. Those in Casamance are seldom visited by birdwatchers. This was the first documented record for Senegal since 1979, though the birds must always have been there. It is one of a number of elusive birds of the bulbul family, more often heard than seen. As with many forest species, almost nothing is known of its biology.

A concern with West African forests is that as they become more fragmented (due to deforestation), many species will only survive in the larger fragments. A recent study in Ghana showed that the bristelbill is, as we might expect from its presence in Casamance, tolerant of small forest patches with fewer large trees. Nevertheless, an exciting discovery in the Casamance Ecoparc!