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Casamance Ecoparc Financial project report

Posted 01.07.2013 by Team - View comments

With the support of the Ecofund community, and in particular thanks to Ecofund’s crowd funding platform, Augustin was able to introduce his inspiring project and his environment to the global audience, and in 2012 raise money online for the Ecoparc’s enclosure: 39 individual donors from Spain, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Australia and the USA contributed between 5 and 250 Euros for a total sum of 2.500 Euros. Moreover, encouraged by the Ecofund community, Eiffage Senegal and the German Embassy in Senegal made significant donations and so helped to finance the total project budget of 22.500 Euros (equivalent to 14,7 million FCFA), see the table below.