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Casamance Ecoparc – Phase II

Posted 01.10.2013 by Team - View comments

Convinced that « we only protect what we value », Augustin is now launching the second phase of his “Casamance Ecoparc” project: the development phase of the natural resources of the Ecoparc. Therefore, he will within the Ecoparc:

Set up an “Ecological path” and an Eco-lodge called “Ecole Nature (School of Nature)”. “Ecole Nature” is not just nice eco name dropping but a concrete tool: The Eco-lodge will serve as a regional information meeting centre for pupils, students and scientist, who visit the Ecoparc and wish to study its fauna and flora and that of the surrounding region.

Stay tuned to www.ecofund.org and discover soon the second phase of the Casamance Ecoparc project !