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Casamance Ecoparc project update

Posted 15.11.2012 - View comments

Casamance and so the Ecoparc, has experienced an exceptional rain season this year. These are good news for the agriculture (see photos below) but has until now made inaccessible the Ecoparc and thus impossible to build the fence around the forest.

However, in the meantime our champion Augustin – as always – was on the move. He signed an agreement with the regional authorities in Ziguinchor on a sensitization of the local population as well as on the environmental education of the schools on the long term protection of the forest of Ecoparc.

Furthermore, the enclosure has been already fabricated by a local enterprise specialized in wildlife reserve protection and safely stored until the rain season is over, see photos below.

The enclosure works should start in December. We keep you informed. Follow the project updates !