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Posted 22.11.2013 by Fabrice - View comments

No disturbances today. The atmosphere is a complete contrast to that of the day before, keeping in mind that we are now accompanied by the representatives of Enda, an organisation responsible for local initiatives countering the problem of ‘Mbeubeuss’. We set up a barrel where Khady, a Senegalese model already making up an impressive 1,9m is supposed to tower on.

JahGal is a real genius: the dress he has thought up, represent the layers of all kinds of garbage. The order of their assembly goes along with the timing of their natural degradation.

We arrange the heavy dress on the model, positioned on the petrol barrel and had to put a plastic bag over her face. Lucky that Khady is a professional and was not afraid of the accumulation of the heat, the smoke, the void and smell. I don’t know many models that would accept to work in these kinds of conditions.

Thus Khady had to stand like this, half holding her breath for the 20 minutes needed to create the photo.

Perfect timing. One of those sunsets of the raining season, where the sun tries desperately to break through the black clouds and show its colours at the end of the day. Perfect to add some of the tension necessary to create the dramatic effect.

It took me 3 days to get rid of the smell, the infamous stink of burned plastic, and the seats of my car still remind me of it.

Mbeubeuss is an experience one cannot leave completely untouched.


Photo ©Madbubble