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Dulcy, the Prophecy designer

Posted 20.05.2014 - View comments

You must have seen him before in Ouakam or in the clip Happy Senegal that was circulating on Facebook. His name is Abdul Sy, fondly called Dulcy, aka Djagahl. As we say, Djagahl is a “character”!

Djagahl is a Senegalese fashion designer, known not only on the local scene for his ‘special’ designs, but also as a professional in waste recovery. Djagahl, who has been working with photographer Fabrice Monteiro, is inspired by the Prophecy project and through it, expresses fully his art as well as his activism for the protection of the environment. He is supported by the cultural association “Les Petites Pierres” in Ouakam, where he lives and creates his costumes. Djagahl is able to fully concentrate on his creations which, as he says, often lead to “crazy” designs that are constantly defined by waste recovery.

Djagahl and Fabrice are jointly creating, under the Prophecy project, a photo vision that is offbeat but down-to-earth on the threats facing the environment and this is portrayed in each photo. Costumes designed by Djagahl and worn by professional models are made with materials from many sources or from materials that are put to unexpected uses. This is seen in Prophecy photo No. 5 on “urban traffic”, where bicycle reflectors are used to make the ‘Djinn or Spirit’s costume.

Djagahl is a fervent advocate of the participatory approach of Ecofund, which is based on benevolent contributions. He believes that it’s quite normal for him to align his work as an artist and recycler with Ecofund’s desire to create awareness amongst the population on threats to the environment. He hopes that his designs for the 6 ‘Prophecies’ will also be a testimony of his own criticisms against our negative attitude towards the environment and his protest against the use of materials that are hardly eco-friendly by manufacturers.

For us at Ecofund, it is with joy that we welcome this new collaboration. For this talented and self-made Senegalese, it is important to act and he does so in his own way and voluntarily. In a way, this is also what it means to be a Champion in Senegal…