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Happy Green New Year 2014

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Dear Ecofund Community,

Happy Green New Year 2014!

2013 has been a very good year for our Ecofund spirit “small initiatives with a big positive green impact”:
We opened the Casamance Ecoparc in Senegal, we contributed to protect marine turtles and birds in Cape Verde, to protect the Sulcata turtle in Senegal, to save the nests of Spoonbills of Nair in Mauritania, and to clean the ocean from lost nylon nets in Senegal. Congratulations!!! See all funded projects! >>
This has been possible thanks to your support, you – the Ecofund community. Thanks a lot!

In 2013, our Ecofund Community has grown:

The Senegalese Rap group “Daara J Family” joined us to mobilize against the plastic pollution of our planet; Click here to watch the music video! >>

We partnered with Bégué Press, West African journalists and reporters, to promote access to information about ecology. We also partnered with RAMPAO, the regional network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in West Africa, and with the Senegalese private sector initiative for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Together with our corporate partner, the Hotel ONOMO Airport in Dakar, Senegal, we offered you an Ecofund-room: While relaxing you helped protect Senegal's biodiversity!
Last but not least, we enjoyed a cross culture and cross continent collaboration with the Design University in Augsburg, Germany. Professor Jens Müller and his students produced 1 minute spots to help spread our Ecofund spirit. Watch here and enjoy! >>

In 2013 we celebrated 2 years of Ecofund: here for our 2Y party revival! >>

In 2014 our adventure continues with new champions and their projects:
With Fabrice a young professional photographer and his PROPHECY project; Born and raised in Benin, his mixed cultural heritage and his travels through various countries have sensitized him to the protection of our natural environment. Through his art, Fabrice wants to raise our awareness and call us to action concerning the environmental problems Senegal and its neighbouring countries are facing. Support the PROPHECY project! >>

Everyone can be a champion.
Let’s spread our spirit and build our Community of green Champions, ‘cause Our Future Is Green!

Your Ecofund Team

With the artwork greetings “Climate Change” from Kalidou Kassé, Senegalese artist and Ecofund Community member.