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It’s done! The fence has been delivered!

Posted 31.05.2013 - View comments

The fence to enclosure and protect the Ecoprac, which you have financed, has finally been delivered to the Casamance region.
It took 3 days to get the fence by the road from Dakar to Diembering, a distance of 500 km. The truck has to queue during one day and one night for the ferry crossing the Gambian boarder river.
Imagine what it means for all the small agro-businesses in the Casamance region transporting regularly fresh products to Dakar. Better do not imagine … it’s hardship.

Augustin is now very happy. He and his fellows from the Diembering community have immediately started to build the fence around the Ecoparc. Augustin is on the move and soon the Ecoparc forest will be protected by the fence.
Keep moving Augustin, it’s the last mile of a long marathon!

We size the opportunity to say once more “MANY THANKS” to our community, the 39 project peers, the German Embassy and Eiffage Senegal for your support to Augustin’s project.