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Posted 18.10.2012 by Salla Ba - View comments

Ten children amongst them six boys and four girls, who benefited from the awareness program "to explore the beautiful National Park of Banc d'Arguin (PNBA)", participated from the 3rd to the 11th of September in a summer camp in the village of Iwik. These were the ten best children chosen from the discovery program who had been selected from the four schools in the villages of Iwik, Mamghar,  Rgueiba and  Teichott in the PNBA.

The aim of this camp was to deepen the children's knowledge on the fauna, flora, and human activities in the PNBA – knowledge that they had acquired during the discovery program.  The summer camp also aimed at incorporating an innovative activity into the Park’s program; a photojournalism training that was the main activity of this event. The training was provided by professional photographer Jean François Hellio. This training was to help the children appreciate their natural and cultural environment using a multimedia tool. The outcome is the possibility of telling a story through images while focusing on the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage.

During the nine days, the children successively discovered photography materials while learning the different uses of a camera and various techniques of taking pictures and writing captions for their pictures.
Under the supervision of eco-guides from the Association of Friends of the Banc d’Arguin (AABA) and the senior staff of the PNBA, the children participated in various activities such as bird watching, cleaning, and sea trips.  During these discovery activities, the children kept on practising their acquired knowledge in photojournalism. In addition, a drawing workshop was organized and facilitated by two painters,  Isabel Fiadeiro and Oumar Ball.

At the end of the summer camp, two champions emerged from the training, a girl and a boy. A certificate of participation was issued to each child attesting to their training in photojournalism. Soon, we will be publishing photos of our young photo jurnalists for nature.