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Launch of the Fundraising Contest for the 4th PROPHECY Photo

Posted 14.04.2014 by Team - View comments

Today we start the fundraising contest for the 4th PROPHECY photo.The deadline is April 30th 2014.
The donor who contributes the most to cover the technical expenses for the 4th photograph will receive a dedicated print of the following PROPHECY photo: Coastal erosion

The 4th photograph was taken in Bargny twenty kilometres south way from Dakar in Senegal.
It shows the coastal erosion which we observe in Senegal and its neighbouring countries.
The climate change is only partly the cause. The coastal erosion in Senegal is also due to the extraction of the beach send by the populations for construction.
Although it is forbidden by the law, the populations continue to extract the beach send for business or for their own constructions. At the same time, the populations suffer from coastal erosion: they lose their houses – as shown by the photo – and may also lose their jobs in the nearby hotels, which are about to close because they lost their white sandy beach.
The Djinn appears on the ruins of the houses in Bargny. He stands up against the destructive practice: He seems to be in rage against us and at the same time to prone reconciliation by appeasing the waves and telling us “it’s not yet to late”. … What kind of heritage of our planet will we leave to our children?
As the supernatural African genie, the Djinn, let us stand up against this environmental destruction !!!
How ???
By publishing information on how to protect the environement and in particular by supporting our PROPHECY project. Your donations will cover the technical expenses of the 4th photograph!
Spread the word about Ecofund spirit and about the PROPHECY project to help achieve our goal: 10 photographs of ten sites among the most representative of the environmental destruction in Senegal.

Our Future Is Green !