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Launch of the Fundraising for the 3rd PROPHECY Photo

Posted 02.02.2014 by Team - View comments

Today we start the fundraising contest for the 3rd PROPHECY photo. The deadline is February 28th 2014.

The donor who contributes the most to cover the technical expenses for the 3rd photograph will receive a dedicated print of the following PROPHECY photo:

The 3rd photograph was taken on the beach of the Baie de Hann in Dakar, Senegal.

Once, the “Baie de Hann” was worldwide one of the most beautiful bays comparable to the bay of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Today, the “Baie de Hann” experiences an ecological catastrophe: It is one of the most polluted bays worldwide.

The Djinn is kneeling next to the channel discharging each day thousands of litters of blood from the slaughterhouse on the beach and to the sea. The sea is red from blood, is suffering, is dying … What kind of heritage of our planet will we leave to our children?

As the supernatural African genie, the Djinn, let us stand up against this environmental destruction !

How ???

Help Fabrice cover the technical expenses and win a dedicated print of the 3rd photograph ... and spread the word about Ecofund spirit and about the PROPHECY project to help achieve our goal: 10 photographs of ten sites among the most representative of the environmental destruction in Senegal !