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Nature Excursions to the Ferlo

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Senegal, Ranérou, 2nd March

“We will tell you about our visit to the Katané enclosure. Already at 7:30 am all pupils were waiting for the departure at the school entrance. Some minutes later the cars arrived. In two groups we boarded the cars. Let’s go to Katané! We arrived at 9:00 am. We were warmly welcomed by the chief guard of the Katané natural reserve. Miss Manue and Abou, both working within the natural reserve, explained to us the “nitty grittiy” of the reserve’s wild life. Then, we took the cars to visit the Katané reserve. First we were observing the animals. Then we were looking for a Sulcata turtle. Thanks to the monitoring equipment, radio with a big antenna and a receiver, we eventually found the turtle hided in its hole. Abou gave us a lot of information about the turtle’s habits and behaviour. We then continued our visit and through binoculars we were able to observe gazelles drinking from a water source. There was one “pregnant” and two small antelopes. Then we left the reserve to return to the guard’s house. Miss Manue and the guard told us a lot of interesting things about turtles and the other animals. There was a lot of information for us to notice. But we also received sweets and drinks ;). After a short rest, we boarded the cars and returned to our school town Ranérou.”

“Indeed, we spent nice time and learned a lot about the turtle”, Ibrahima Sylla

“The outing to Katané was magnificent”, Yero Ousmane Ba

”What a wonderful visit to the natural reserve, which allowed us to learn more about the wildlife”, Fatimata Wellé

“The visit was very nice. I really like to returne to the natural reserve”, Ousmane Abdoul Sow

“Magnificent!”, Djiby Ndiaye


Explanation how to use the binoculars for the observation of antelopes and gazelles

The scholars are looking for a Sulcata turtle

The Sulcata turtle

Our champion Abou talks with passion about his experience and knowledge on the Ferlo’s wildlife