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News from birds on the Branco and Razo Islands, Cape Verde

Posted 02.04.2014 by Team - View comments

Biosfera I, our Ecofund Champions from Cape Verde, share with us photos from their birds monitoring campaigns on the Branco and Razo islands.

It is their surveillance that prevents the massacre of the shearwaters. Their monitoring work has also helped in following the fluctuating population of the larks.

During the shearwater protection campaigns, Jose and Tommy lead surveillance missions, often in difficult conditions at night when seabirds return to their nesting burrows, where they identify wildlife, focusing especially on the bird populations of Razo. Then, with the help of experts, they analyze and publish data.

The surveillance and monitoring campaigns are creating a database to better understand the trends in the bird populations and the dangers that threaten them.

The photos show:

  1. The team marking nesting area of Shearwater
  2. Monitoring Brown boobys colonies
  3. Measuring eggs for data base
  4. Cape Verde shearwater on the Branco Island
  5. Endemic Lizard on the Branco Island

Enjoy !!!