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News from "The furrowed Turtle" project

Posted 07.09.2014 by Team - View comments

While we all benefited from a well-deserved vacation, our champions continued their field work. Abdou and the team of "The furrowed Turtle" project monitored the size and weight of the Sulcata Turtles at the beginning of the rainy season. The first rains have filled again with water the dry pond basins of the Ferlo. The Sulcata turtles enjoy the bath in the basins and make their drinking water provisions. The first grass in the dry region of the Ferlo is not only a feast for the eyes but a banquet for the turtles after 6 months of fasting.

We were very happy to discover turtles’ eggs, which is not only an indicator of their successful reintroduction to the wild life but a big encouragement for our conservation strategy of the furrowed turtle in the Ferlo. It’s important to recall, that the furrowed turtle is under threat, while playing an important ecological role in the Ferlo, in the North-east of Senegal. Congratulations to the project team for the passionate work and the results achieved in the protection of our biodiversity!