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NGO and private sector partnership

Posted 05.05.2013 - View comments

COTOA has been the first Senegalese firm to support the Ecoproject “Stop nylon fishing nets”. Compagnie Textile de l'Ouest Africain, COTOA specialises among others in the distribution of fishing material. When COTOA learned about the ecological disaster caused by nylon fishing nets, the firm has abandoned the commercialization of these nets and supported the new law banning nylon fisher nets. Nonetheless, when we presented the Ecoproject “Stop nylon fishing nets” to the CEO of COTOA, Mr Theron, he wasn’t convinced. “Ridding the sea of nylon nets is great … but making sure fishermen use biodegradable cotton nets is even more important” he said. It’s the Ecofund approach based on concrete action initiated by a local champion, which finally convinced him to support the Ecoproject. Badou Kane, the champion of the Ecoproject, is a well-respected fisher of the Mbour community who used to fish with nylon nets. Today, he abandoned nylon fishing nets for biodegradable cotton nets. He is now engaged with Oceanium to change the habits of his fishing community in Mbour.

The collaboration between Bado Kane, Oceanium and COTOA is a partnership between civil society and the private sector for the protection of our environment.

This partnership is a perfect example of the private sector RSE Senegal initiative, and it’s only a beginning! Ecofund signed on May 2nd a partnership agreement with RSE Senegal.