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Our Community celebrates 3 Years

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3 years after launching, Ecofund is a vibrant community of 1.200 members: champions, ecopartners, donors, contributors, authors, artists, entrepreneurs, activists and citizens all concerned actors for the protection of our natural environment!

At Ecofund, we believe preserving our planet is not impossible, but a challenge within everyone's reach. That is the Ecofund spirit.

We are not a conventional organization with employees and an office, Ecofund is a collaborative adventure for all of us who do not want to be passive victims of environmental degradation, but instead actors for the sustainable protection of our biodiversity.

Each and every one of us according to her or his budget, talent and expertise, can contribute to the protection of nature. Together each of our small efforts equals a big impact on our ecosystems.

That’s how, after 3 years of passion and determination, today we celebrate the results of our contribution to 11 projects: preservation and protection of a littoral forest in Casamance in Senegal, marine birds and turtles in Santa Luzia, Cape Verde islands, Spoonbills in the National Park Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania, Sulcata turtles, endangered species in the Ferlo, Senegal, among others.

The Ecofund project closest to our heart? Working with the next generation of young people to help protect our environment.

In an effort to create synergies and mobilize our collective potential, Ecofund continues to support and consolidate local initiatives aimed at preserving biodiversity.

Today, the Ecofund Community offers you the opportunity to say ‘Happy Birthday Ecofund’ and contribute to this growing movement by supporting the following 2 projects.

Project N°1: Casamance Ecoparc II is the second phase of the Casamance Ecoparc project aimed at protecting a littoral forest of 32 hectares in Diembering in Sénégal. Convinced that « we protect what we value », Augustin is now setting up an “Ecological Path” and an Eco-lodge called “Ecole Nature (Nature School)”. “Ecole Nature” is not just nice another trendy ‘green ‘ name, it is a concrete way to build community engagment: the Eco-lodge will serve as a regional information meeting centre for schoolchildren, students and scientists to visit the Ecoparc and study its fauna and flora and that of the surrounding region.

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“It was a big pleasure visiting with my family and friends the Casamance Ecoparc with its rich forest flora. I’m very happy about my contribution to its preservation”. (Stéphanie, donor)

Project N°2: Combining art and ecology, “The Prophecy” project aims to create awareness amongst local populations and policy makers about immediate threats to our environment. In collaboration with professional art photographer Fabrice Monteiro, the very inspired Senegalese stylist Doulsy (“Jah Gal” is the name of his brand), and green researcher and activist from the University of Dakar, Professor Adams Tidjani, Ecofund produces a collection of 10 photos of major ecological threats affecting Senegal and the world. More than an artistic project, “Prophecy” is a plea for a change of behavior towards nature and a call for concrete action.

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Top donors, Sandrine (Senegal), Sitor (France), Anne-Marie (Senegal), Martin & Nora (Germany), Dirk (Germany) and Paulo (Senegal), helped finance the production costs of “The Prophecy” photographs and received a dedicated print of by the photo artist, Fabrice Monteiro.

You too can participate in this project, now re-mixed by graffiti artists from the suburbs of Dakar, aimed at sensitizing local residents about the need to protect our nature. Take this moment to say ‘Happy Birthday Ecofund’ by contributing to the costs of production of “The Prophecy” photos and receive a dedicated print as a top donor.

Happy Birthday Ecofund Community!

Sandrine, Marième, Markus and Assane

Your Ecofund Team