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Portrait of Mariana Ramos

Posted 02.04.2012 - View comments

Cape Verde is rallying around our champions Tommy and Jose!

The singer Mariana Ramos, ambassador of the Cape Verde’s music, is now joining our side to help protect the birds and sea turtles of Santa Luzia.

The Dakar-born singer finds her inspiration in Cape Verde, home of her ancestors, where she also lived as a child. Her unique voice and her “suave” music draws its energy from the tradition of her “small country”. A mix between funana and batucu, rhythms inherited from the slaves of Santiago Island, and la morna and la coladeira, folk melodies, it is the joy, and the multicultural richness of Cape Verde that Mariana embodies on stages worldwide. The public acclaim her in Paris and throughout Europe, her concerts are always sold out!

Mariana, Tommy and Jose invite you to join them: the 25 most generous donors will receive an autographed copy of her latest album! Thank you for your donation to the projects of Jose and Tommy!

Follow Marianna on www.mariana-ramos.com

Photo : Lionel Baunot