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Project update2011-07-08

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Augustin on the move ! For five years now, Augustin has been solidly progressing in his efforts to establish the Ecopark. Diembereng, a rural community located in the extreme southwest of the Ziguinchor region, near the Cap Skirring resorts, has entrusted Augustin with the protection of their 400 hectare natural heritage. This vast area includes forests, dunes, mangroves, rice paddies and coastline. This project chef dynamically promotes sustainable management of 32 hectares of the communal forests not only against their disappearance, but also for the benefit of the maximum amount of people: at the time of this writing, 700 visitors and 6 researchers have discovered firsthand this vibrant green heart, rich in little known medicinal plants, fruit trees (lemon, mango) and wildlife (monkeys, warthogs). Who are these visitors? School groups, students from the agro-forestry department from the University of Casamance, European researchers, tourists visiting from Cap Skirring, curious locals from Diembering and other neighboring villages. Each and every one discovering the already well defined forest trails, or visiting the new filao nursery for students and locals to reforest coastal zones. And when will you be there ?!