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Project update2011-08-02

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Enclosing the forest: A vital step to project success! At present, Augustin still needs to build an enclosure to avoid forest degradation caused by aimless grazing by domestic animals, or other exploitation of forest land (like wood poaching without any clear benefit for local communities). Like Bandia, Niokolo-Koba or other Senegalese nature reserves, enclosures visibly declare reserves as protected spaces to residents and visitors alike. The enclosure will be divided in 3 sections: North section measuring 1.400 meters, south section of 1.600 meters, and east section of 1.200 meters. Donations will help us plant a natural enclosure Citrus and Anacardium-cashew on the north side of the forest, its most endangered side. Help us finish the first enclosure by October, before the rainy season is over in Casamance! All of us here at Ecofund, Augustin and the trees thank you!