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Project update2012-04-01

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The National Park of Banc d'Arguin (PNBA) in Mauritania appreciates your efforts for the protection of its birds!

In addition to the 1,575 euros raised on Ecofund until the deadline of 31st March, which represents 20% of the total ecoproject’s costs, the PNBA has decided to fund the remaining 80%. So, PNBA’s contribution will allow for the construction of the bird’s observatory in Iwik, while your donations will finance the equipment: binoculars and educational bird posters. The fundraising target amount has been adapted respectively. Thus, the ecoproject has received the full funding.

On behalf of Sidi Ely and Sidi Cheikh, and on behalf of the children of Iwik, we would like to thank you!

Soon, the young people of the Iwik village will have the “tools and means” (see picture below) to know and differentiate the different species of birds and better help them to protect and appreciate this exceptional natural heritage.

You make it happen!!!

In the coming updates we will inform you step by step about the construction of the birds’ observatory. Follow the updates!