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Project update2013-03-20

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We have encountered the Commandant Gomis and his Team as well as Anneline. After the end of the week and of his and Abdou’s company, we can report on the excellent work they are doing in Ferlo on every single angle.

During my third stay over there I found that the Basecamp of Ranerou resists well against weathering and you can tell that there are improvements done every year. We have mostly seen some turtles in their den (not many discovered) and then after having searched by car, we were able to find another Turtle of those last released.
We could see some changes in Katane; with the arrival of a new teacher one class was completely rehabilitated, and a new health centre 200m was built. We also had time to visit the new extension area of the natural reserve, now 1.200ha. shouldn’t be too big for the Oryx, antelopes and Turtles. We will hopefully be able to see how their number will increase through a natural way.
Regarding the turtles from Madia and their possible reintroduction in Noflaye, after a discussion with Anneline, we have decided to drop it until a further visit and until we have received a feedback on their status. The Quarantine area at the turtle village, which should have been used by them is at the moment occupied by other turtles hat have been received last October.