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Project update2013-10-27

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Thanks to the ONOMO Airport Hotel in Dakar and 4 individual donors from Senegal and Germany, the SOS Sulcata-Team is now able to organize nature excursions for Ranérou’s school children to the Ferlo natural reserve and so help create awareness among the young generation about the protection of the biodiversity. With the availble financing we shall organise 2 excursions for the population of Katané and 7 excursions for the Ranérou's school children. A few years from now, they will be the ones to make important decisions for their region and its conservation will be based on the knowledge they have acquired. The nature excursions combined with the project of reintroduction and monitoring of turtles in the Ferlo will help to prevent the total disappearance of the Sulcata turtle in Senegal. Once again a big THANK YOU to ONOMO Airport Hotel, its guests and to the individual donors from Germany and Senegal! Our future is green!