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Projectnews from « Let there be water in Tizi n’Oucheg!”

Posted 05.11.2023 by Team Ecofund - View comments

We are happy to learn that the villagers of Tizi n'Oucheg do not report any human loss except material damage following the powerful earthquake, which struck Morocco on the night of Friday, September 8.

Also, we are happy to confirm you that the water resources preservation project “Let there be water in Tizi n’Oucheg!” did not suffer any damage from the earthquake, although the village of Tizi n'Oucheg is located only a few kilometers from the earthquake’s epicenter.

Indeed, after the launch of the project well before the earthquake, thanks to your donations, the ATND Association together with the villagers of Tizi n'Oucheg was able to implement the first phase of the project concerning the open water channel between the mountain water sources "Erzri" and “Oualfi”.

Thanks to your donations, polythene pipes were purchased and transported to the village of Tizi n’Oucheg. The villagers carried the pipes up the mountainside. Then the villagers dug a channel to bury the pipes. Finally, the pipes were connected and buried.

From now on, the water in the channel between the the mountain water sources “Erzri” ​​and “Oualfi” springs will not be lost due to evaporation and will be used to recover land currently unexploited due to lack of water during the dry season.

Together, with Rachid, his association and the villagers of Tizi n’Oucheg, we thank you very much for your donations which made it possible to carry out this first phase of the project to preserve mountain water sources.

We are very happy to announce that Germany through its Embassy in Morocco will contribute 13,500 euro to the project, in order to enable the completion of the two remaining phases which concern the 2 other still open channels between the mountain water sources.

A big THANK YOU to the German Ecofunders for this vital support to the villagers of Tizi n'Oucheg!

Also, if you still wish to aid the victims of the earthquake in Morocco, you can make a donation via our Ecofund platform to the Tizi n'Oucheg Development Association (ATND) which will be responsible for its coordination and its distribution.