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Recovering lost nets !

Posted 25.07.2011 - View comments

Ecofund has followed Oceanium’s race to recover and remove as many nylon nets from the sea bottom, and the results are in!

From the 1st to 30th of April 2011, Oceanium organized  60 sea outings, twice daily, with 80 volunteer professional and amateur divers from Senegal, France, Belgum and the United States. Together they pulled more than 5 tons of lost nets!

The divers weren’t the only ones: in all, over 500 people participated in various cleaning projects, forming an entire volunteer community dedicated to eradicating this scourge.   

Ridding the sea of nylon nets is great but making sure fishermen use biodegradable cotton for their nets is even more important. That’s why in ten neighborhoods and villages where fishermen live, Oceanium has organized public screenings of films on this theme, followed by public forums. So far, close to 1500 fishermen, their families and neighbors have been sensitized.

Although these results are impressive, tons more nylon nets remain mired in the ocean’s bottom. Oceanium continues to organize other cleaning trips aimed at keeping the sea beautiful and clean.

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