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School visits to the Ferlo Natural Reserve

Posted 15.05.2014 by Team - View comments

It was very early in the morning of April 24th when our project team, thanks to the help of the Senegalese National Park’s Authority, reached the small localities of Pataki and Wendou Wakam, situated only 15 kilometres from the Ferlo Natural Reserve. We came to pick up 28 school children, who were excited to discover the wildlife of the Natural Reserve of the Ferlo. Although living next to the Natural Reserve, many of them never visited the Reserve with its rich fauna and flora: furrowed turtles, dorcas and dama gazelle, and scimitar oryx. The “nature excursion” was very appreciated not only by the school children but also by the teachers Mr Sall et Diedhiou.

The 7th « nature excursion » was offered to 26 school children from Gassé Doro, a village situated about 10 kilometres from Ranerou, the town leading to the Natural Reserve of Katané. The school’s director and teachers were also participating in the excursion. There were also some unexpected participants. All were very excited to discover the wildlife of Katané. The visit was very successful for our sensitization program in particular on the protection of the natural habitat of the Suclata Turtle. The children were very eager to learn about the fauna of the Natural Reserve and memorized very well the observations and information gathered during the excursion. Based on this practical experience, the sensitization program will continue in the classroom.