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The wonderful world of the forest

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… a third of Germany’s surface area is covered by woodland? A total of 11.1 million hectares (42,857 square miles) are covered by forest.

… 44 percent of woodland belongs to about 2 million private owners? The rest is divided between national, regional and local government authorities.

… 1,215 plant species, including 76 different kinds of trees, and thousands of animal species can be found in Germany’s forests?

… 7 billion trees are growing in Germany’s forests?

… Germany has timber reserves of over 3.4 billion cubic metres, which makes it Europe’s leader?

… 1.2 million people in Germany work in forestry and the timber industry? That’s more than in the automobile industry.

… 77 percent of today’s woodland is made up of “old forest sites” – i.e. they have been forests for 200 years