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We did not resolve the problem ... but

Posted 29.05.2013 - View comments

Last Monday, together with our Ecopartner, Oceanium, with the Project Champion, the fisher Badou Kane, with the Project Sponsors, Mrs Bierhaus, COTOA, ONOMO and Eiffage Senegal, we celebrated the closing of the 2013 edition of the ocean cleaning operation “Stop nylon fishing nets”.

According to the divers participating benevolent in the operation, compared to the last year operation, this year there were less nylon fishing nets found. Furthermore, the involvement of the population, especially on the project site in Mbour, was high. This is a sign of a small but steady success of the cleaning and sensitization, in particular thanks to our champion Badou Kane.

Shure, we did not resolve the problem of the lost nylon fishing nets. And more and continues action is still needed, in particular concerning the enforcement of the law banning the commercialization and utilization of the nylon fishing nets.
But the progress is positive and tangible, which is important for the champion, Oceanium and our Ecofund Community. Let’s continue our efforts.

During the ceremony, together with our ecopartner, Oceanium,  will rewarded the project donors, Mrs Bierhaus, COTOA, Eiffage Senegal and ONOMO wit “Diploma of Ecofunders” signed by president of Oceanium and the Senegalese Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Haidar El Ali.

The event also hosted the inauguration of the collective art exhibition “Sunu Gueidj” (Our Ocean) under the presence of the artist THIA.
See below the recycling of the ecological disaster, nylon fishing nets transformed to “oeuvre d’art”: a huge ball representing our planet and its biodiversity caught in a trap.

Many thanks to our Ecofund community for your support to the project. Many thanks to the corporate project partners: COTOA, @onomo and Eiffage Senegal.