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We’ve made it!

Posted 15.04.2013 - View comments

Thanks a lot to the Community of Ecofund for its support to the projects of Jose and Tommy.
In particular, we would like to thank the singer Mariana Ramos, ambassador of the Cape Verde’s music.
From the early beginning of the fundraising, Mariana joined our side to help protect the biodiversity of its native Cap Verde ilands. Big “abrazo” and many thanks to Mariana!
Follow Marianna on www.mariana-ramos.com

With your donation, Jose and Tommy will be able to acquire the necessary equipment, in particular portable units for desalination of seawater, for the monitoring campaign for the birds on the island of Razo and turtles on the island of Santa Luzia. The monitoring campaign will start in Mai and last till November.

Many thanks to the 21 contributors from Norway, Germany, France, UK and Senegal !